Manning Park Resort

Portfolio Categories: Design and Search Engine Optimization.

Manning Park Resort is a family-friendly four-season destination located in the stunning E.C. Manning Provincial Park in the heart of the Cascade Mountains.

An easy drive from Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan, Manning Park Resort offers Fresh Air Experiences any time of year. The area’s pristine lakes, alpine meadows and rugged forested mountains combine to make this one of the most unique and spectacular regions in British Columbia.

Manning Park needed to merge three domains into one and needed to speed up their WordPress website by limiting the number of plugins being used and compressing code and content. Their primary concern was combining three heavy and disjointed WordPress sites into one light-weight and easy to manage site. The resulting site is not only more visually appealing but offers a friendlier user-experience and ranks stronger in search engines as traffic is no longer being split amongst three domains.

Celt MacBhaid Kennel

Portfolio Categories: Design.

Celt MacBhaid approached us through our local boutique company: Fort Langley Web Design with the following request: “We are needing a webpage for information on our Kennel. Dog Shows, Puppy sales, Breeding, Pictures, Videos, Winnings, clearances on medical history and all info pertaining to our Kennel.”

After speaking with the kennel owner John Collins, I determined they would be best served by a small WordPress website that they could internally manage after it was designed and developed. Celt MacBhaid also needed the branding materials that are usually needed to showcase on a website. We designed two hand-drawn logos featuring their award winning dogs (initial logo designs featured below), in the end they went with logo that includes only the dog face.

The entire site is only 10 pages but it does an excellent job of showcasing their prestigious French Bulldog Kennel Services in an elegant and masculine style.



Portfolio Categories: Design.

Founded in 2009 by a group of MMO gamers and network technology professionals, wtfast is dedicated to delivering the best gaming connection and experience possible for all online gamers! Our international team’s past experience includes EA, Disney, Google, Rackforce, and more.

Based in Kelowna, Canada with an office in the San Francisco Bay Area,  wtfast serves an 800 million global user, MMO gaming community. They have built-in support for over 1,000 online games, with users on every continent and in virtually every country.

wtfast had mock-ups for a website redesign complete and they needed them implemented in WordPress. Pintaya Consulting Ltd. helped setup their new WordPress account and built out the new website based on the mock-up designs. The dynamic features on the site were then coded in place by their in-house team.

It's an exciting day we've been waiting for – the new and refreshed wtfast branding is now live! Just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone who helped get us here: Vanessa - for all the help building the Wordpress site!

Bridal Falls Waterpark

Portfolio Categories: Design.

Bridal Falls Water Park offers the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland’s most accessible watersides, with no stairs for you to worry about! Their family oriented facilities make for the perfect day of fun in the sun (and the water) for you, your family and your friends. Enjoy hours of entertainment and fun!

Bridal Falls Water Park needed a website redesign as their existing site was simply a static image. They were curious about the perks of a WordPress website as they wanted to fully-manage the site internally after it was constructed. Their new site beautifully showcases their water park with current, high resolution, full-width images. The new site is fully-dynamic and responsive so it works on all devices and communicates the information their customers need access to quickly and easily.

The faster, updated site already ranks better than their previous one!

Montana Psychiatry

Portfolio Categories: Design.

“Montana Psychiatry strives to provide comprehensive, compassionate, innovative, and exemplary psychiatric evaluations and ongoing treatment to people of all ages and backgrounds”. I have the privilege of managing Montana Psychiatry’s Digital Marketing. To date this has included paid search marketing, search engine optimization and managing three website redesign projects.

Paid Search Marketing

Traditionally, psychiatry and medical services in general are trickier to advertise due to strict regulations on the keywords that are added, the way the ads are designed and the way audiences are targeted. After researching how potential customers engage with psychiatry online I was able discern an account structure that would best serve Montana Psychiatry and meet advertiser’s best practices. The current account structure successfully attracts a healthy volume of leads for the breadth of her services.

Three Website Redesigns

Montana Psychiatry had previously developed three separate web properties for three separate areas of her practice. However, each website reflected a different aesthetic and collectively they did not reflect the professionalism and prestige of Montana Psychiatry. I had the pleasure of leading the redesign process so all three web properties reflect the same branding and portray a cohesive tone of voice that conveys the values and approach of Montana Psychiatry. All three sites are now responsive, mobile friendly and were designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind so the sites have strong organic rankings that will continue to improve as the sites mature and can reach the largest audience possible organically.

"Vanessa has been wonderful to work with and her work has been outstanding! I've received so many compliments on our website and her digital marketing efforts have really helped to direct potential patients to our practice. She is knowledgeable, prompt, professional, and produces excellent work and I'm happy to recommend her to any potential clients."

Okanagan Studios Web Design

Portfolio Categories: Design.


Tim Bieber a leader in the development of Okanagan Studios was looking for a website that showcased the visual impact of the studio space. He wanted to incorporate as many high-resolution graphics and full-width videos of the space as possible. Furthermore, he wanted a site that could be fully-managed internally with as subtle of a learning curve as possible. It was such a pleasure to help in the development of this exciting project, the final website can be viewed here:


WordPress was an obvious choice for the CMS as it allows for straight-forward development and offers the most user-friendly interface for untrained business owners to navigate on their own after the site is constructed. I wanted the branding that had been developed for the business to be consistently represented throughout the site through accent colors. I also wanted the site to give the visitors a very clear understanding of the scale of the studio and the extensive features it offers. Some selling features of the business include its incredible location and its expansive studios and office spaces, all of which are heavily communicated through high-impact visuals as frequently as possible on the site. Lastly, preliminary research on the project showed that Okanagan Studios was getting quite a bit of media attention and I wanted to harness and showcase as much of that buzz as possible on the site. After the site was launched Tim and I had a few conversations during which I was able to show him how to edit the site and navigate the back-end. The site makes heavy use of videos so definitely be sure to checkout the live website!


It was important that their site show up at the top of the first page of search results for target keywords. I performed a one-time SEO on the site so all key areas are optimized and won’t need to be edited again for at least a few months while the site matures and traffic volumes increase. I look forward to supporting Okangan Studios in anyway necessary with all their digital marketing needs.

"I had the pleasure to work with Vanessa on the launch website for my new motion picture studio. The experience was easy and efficient from beginning to end. Her grasp of my vision was perfect and execution based on my compressed timeline was more than impressive. The delivered product was perfect and cheaper than any option I was quoted. The follow up service was better than expected and I loved how she trained me on all aspects of updating my own site and handed the controls to me once I was confident. I am already recommending her services."

Blue Mountain TMS

Portfolio Categories: Design.

Blue Mountain TMS Website Design

Blue Mountain TMS had an old static, one page website that wasn’t actively delivering new business. They were looking for a clean, bright and modern website that would be responsive on all devices. Some important extra features included the ability to mange the website internally and continuously add content to the website as they added to their service offering. The completed website accurately summarizes their services and presents them in a calming and aesthetically pleasing way.

I’m excited to support Blue Mountain TMS in their marketing efforts as we watch the new websites performance over the next couple months.


Marine and Kerr

Portfolio Categories: Design.

I had the pleasure of constructing a website for Kimble Mooney regarding a land development site at SE Marine and Kerr St. in Vancouver, BC. The site was to be used alongside a larger marketing strategy to draw attention to the site for sale. They needed an English and Mandarin variant of the site to appeal to their audience and also needed to optimize how their mixed media was displayed including drone videos and aerial photos of the site.

Kaylee Harwood

Portfolio Categories: Design.

Raised in Vancouver, BC, Kaylee Harwood is an award-winning Toronto-based actor, teacher and choreographer whose work across North America spans from Broadway to California to the Stratford and Shaw Festivals. Kaylee’s skills and interests lie in new play and musical development, classical voice and dance, yoga, gardening and solo travel.

Vanessa is detail-oriented and incredibly prompt. I enjoyed working with her greatly on my website, and am so pleased with the result. I can highly recommend Vanessa as a highly skilled and artful designer.