Blue Streak Capital

Portfolio Categories: Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media.

Website Design & Development

I worked with Blue Streak Capital, a small business lender in Australia, on developing some initial web properties and marketing strategies for the start-up. These included a WordPress compatible website, a content marketing strategy, and a social media marketing strategy.

Blue Streak Capital needed an open-source website that they could manage themselves long term. They wanted the design to be professional and to reflect the ‘corporate’ aesthetic many of their competitors used on their websites. The site needed some unique features like a form that included a range slider that the user could use to submit an estimate on the size of loan they needed. The completed site can be viewed here:

On-going Digital Marketing

From a marketing standpoint, Blue Streak Capital was a start-up and therefore required a lot of research, planning, and testing of different strategies. The organic strategy focussed mainly on content marketing and social media marketing. The paid advertising strategy I recommended focussed on Google Adwords and a consistent boosted post schedule on Facebook and LinkedIn.