Celt MacBhaid Kennel

Portfolio Categories: Design.

Celt MacBhaid approached us through our local boutique company: Fort Langley Web Design with the following request: “We are needing a webpage for information on our Kennel. Dog Shows, Puppy sales, Breeding, Pictures, Videos, Winnings, clearances on medical history and all info pertaining to our Kennel.”

After speaking with the kennel owner John Collins, I determined they would be best served by a small WordPress website that they could internally manage after it was designed and developed. Celt MacBhaid also needed the branding materials that are usually needed to showcase on a website. We designed two hand-drawn logos featuring their award winning dogs (initial logo designs featured below), in the end they went with logo that includes only the dog face.

The entire site is only 10 pages but it does an excellent job of showcasing their prestigious French Bulldog Kennel Services in an elegant and masculine style.