New Creations

Portfolio Categories: Design and Search Engine Optimization.

Web Re-design and Development

New Creations needed to modernize their website, improve the sites organic search ranking and optimize the content on the site to appeal to both their customers and their franchise owners. New Creations needed a site designed in WordPress that could easily integrate with their other marketing channels. It was our role to manage the website redesign and development including the content optimization, search engine optimization, user experience and asset management.

Ecommerce & New Creations University

New Creations needed a website that could grow with them. One component of their future online development included an ecommerce friendly design that could later be developed into an online store so they can be a retailer of branding materials to their franchisees. Another component included a franchisee portal that could later be developed into a ‘New Creations University’ which would feature marketing tutorials for their franchisees. Both new components were developed so they’re ready to roll out when needed.

Website CRM Integration

Lastly, New Creations needed their website to sync with their newly developed custom CRM system through SalesForce. The website was designed in such a way that all leads generated through the site would seamlessly be sent to the appropriate party through Salesforce.

"Vanessa has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding client needs that make her stand out from the thousands of other marketers. She pays close attention to what you say during brainstorming and revision sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests in her designs. In other words, she doesn’t just create something that looks visually pleasing, but she also makes sure that it reflects the values of your company. Vanessa is a versatile marketer with years of experience using Wordpress, she would be a great hire for any job."