PINTAYA is a international marketing and business intelligence firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was founded on the belief that marketing should be a transparent and results-oriented initiative that prioritizes the best interests of the client at all times. PINTAYA’s only agenda is to use our knowledge of marketing to grow businesses. We proudly serve clients in Canada, the United States, and Europe in markets including healthcare, real-estate, retail, auto and tourism.

Vanessa Pintea

Vanessa Pintea

Founder & Data Analyst

Vanessa Pintea has spent the last eight years consulting for companies in Canada, the United States and Europe. She has learned the value of comprehensive market research, strategic planning and detail-oriented execution. Vanessa and her team have developed processes that deliver high returns to clients.

Dan Lilie

Dan Lilie

Copywriter and Content Strategist

Daniel Lilie writes content that addresses the rapidly changing healthcare and wellness landscape.  He works with practitioners, marketing specialists and researchers to assess the needs of digital health care organizations for creating informed and impactful blogs, white papers, and marketing collateral.

Nicole Bigar Orban

Nicole Bigar Orban

Social Media and Content Marketer

Nicole Bigar Orban founded Bigar Creative in 2014 fueled by passion to help small businesses grow their brands. Over the years, Bigar Creative has grown to service clients nationwide in a variety of industries.

Nicole is a 2008 graduate of St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY. She holds a  degree in Journalism/Mass Communications and a Minor in English. She is a member of the prestigious marketing/advertising group “The Council” headed by Nicholas Kusmich. Nicole is also a digital marketing instructor at The Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Charlotte, NC.

Nicole specializes in medical and healthcare digital marketing with a specific focus and interest in the mental health field. She oversees and manages all client accounts and extends her services beyond social media account management to offer content writing, blogging, design, special event marketing and consulting services.

Mike Pintea

Videographer and Video Editor

Owner and Founder of Pintea Films. Mike Pintea is a sought-after Vancouver based cinematographer. He has had the privilege of working in a wide range of production environments including feature films, TV movies, commercials, corporate videos and music videos.

With his background in content creation on YouTube, amassing a following of over 250,000 and 60,000,000 views, he knows how to develop video content that helps businesses thrive. He has also delivered over 1000 videos, including all aspects of video editing such as color grading, sound design and graphics.