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Founded in 2013, PINTAYA specializes in developing lean digital marketing strategies with a focus on in-market segmentation and leveraging affinity audiences. Our expert team excels in building robust data collection and analysis systems to continually maximize ROI while scaling our clients’ campaigns. We pride ourselves on our commitment to communication and transparency, ensuring our clients are always informed and confident in our approach.

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At our core, we enable data-driven decision-making, providing insights that drive strategic choices and enhance operational efficiency. Our advanced analytics and real-time data access give businesses a competitive edge, while our scalable solutions grow with your needs. We offer deep customer insights to tailor your offerings and improve financial performance through detailed analysis and cost optimization. Our robust risk management tools help identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. With our intuitive reporting and visualization tools, we transform complex data into actionable intelligence for better communication and strategic planning.

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Client Reviews

We’ve been working with Vanessa for a number of years with our Google Ads account and she is very professional and effective. She takes a measured approach to increasing results so you know what’s working and what isn’t. So glad to be working with a reliable and results-oriented expert!

– Darcy Reeves
Marketing Coordinator
Open Sky Group

We’ve been working with Vanessa for over two years now and she has been an excellent support and advisor in our SEO and website performance needs. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help in this area of their business, especially if you live in BC or somewhere else in Canada.

– Casey Jordan

Administrative Director

Sunshine Coast Health Center
Georgia Straight Women’s Center

Vanessa is amazing! She has been working with us for more than a year, and our business has grown significantly with her help. She has wonderful knowledge of Google, AdWords, and SEO. She has also helped to improve our website. I was impressed by her ability to troubleshoot our website issues. She goes above and beyond in researching our market area, and is always happy to give advice or feedback. She is very thorough, and is always looking for ways to improve our business. I am so glad we started working with her!

– Vinay Saranga MD

Board Certified Psychiarist

Saranga Psychiatry

I called upon Vanessa as my clients’ requirements grew larger and beyond my scope. Her experience in digital marketing both in execution and strategy was invaluable. She took small budgets and optimized the campaigns to well exceed the clients’ expectations, as well as my own. Her depth and breadth of knowledge in digital marketing is outstanding to the point where I handed the clients over to her directly. I would highly recommend Vanessa to anyone who is in need of optimizing their search or social marketing campaigns.

– Kelly Mello Woodsum

Suppy Chain Marketing Leader

Sunshine Coast Health Center
Georgia Straight Women’s Center

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