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Modern Search Engine Optimization Strategies

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding technical SEO, what it means, and how to implement best practices. If there is a justification for this confusion it’s that SEO is a bit of a moving target. Websites are completely at the mercy of the Search Engine’s Ranking Algorythm which never stops calculating and recalculating organic search rankings. Technical SEO simply refers to optimizing key-spaces within a website for target keywords so that Google’s spiders rank the site as high as possible in the search results. Fort Langley Web Design and Development offers a wide range of technical SEO services depending on what the client needs. Some of our most popular technical on-page SEO services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization Audit:

This includes a full-site audit of your current technical site optimizations complete with a comprehensive list of changes to make to see improvement in your organic rankings. This service is most popular among businesses that have an in-house marketing department and want an outside-opinion on their optimizations and how they can improve.

  • One time Search Engine Optimization:

This is a favorite service among new site owners. New websites are notoriously ’empty’ when it comes to technical SEO optimization and therefore rank quite poorly. In other instances, business owners have simply “lost track” of where their site’s optimization are at and simply want it organized and optimized so they can comfortably know it’s in ship-shape. This one-time service includes optimizing those spaces of your website that can be used to prop-up your organic rankings. Don’t worry, this service comes with a comprehensive description of what was done as we perform a full site audit before beginning the implementation. In order to complete this service we’ll need access to your Google Analytics account and the back-end of your website. If you’re site was designed by us – we’ve already set these up for you as part of our standard design service.

  • Monthly Search Engine Optimization Maintenance: 

For business owners that don’t already have an in-house marketing department, we can optimize your site on a monthly basis for you. This means we’ll keep an eye on your keyword rankings using our in-house tools, optimize any spaces we see opportunities, and issue you a report at the end of the month describing what was done. This service is most popular among business owners that don’t have the resources to constantly be keeping an eye on their site rankings and want to rest-assured knowing their site is ranking in all the right places. Our SEO practices are completely transparent to our clients so you’ll know exactly what’s being done on your site and when.

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