Social Media Marketing

Grow an Audience that Cares About Your Business

Social Media is Integral to Organic Growth

Believe it or not, Social Media has become a key component of any well-developed SEO strategy – at least the ‘organic’ components of Social Media Marketing. Not only does Google pay attention to how much volume you get on Social Media platforms but it’s also a key community building tool that will contribute to overall traffic volumes reaching your site – another factor Google considers when ranking websites. Pintaya Consulting can help you develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy that will work for your business. If you’re baffled by Social Media and can’t decide where to start, how much time to allocate to building a community, or you’re simply not seeing the results you want  out of your efforts – send us a message and we’ll be happy to take a look at your accounts.

Social Media Offers Effective Paid Advertising Options

When it comes to building awareness and getting your businesses exposure there’s no tool that does it better than advertising through Social Media. However, a clear Social Media Strategy should outline the goals for the campaigns with reasonable expectations on projected ROI’s.

Ask Us for Our Social Media Marketing Case Studies

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