Building Effective Video Creative for YouTube

With 70% of global watch time happening on mobile devices, video advertising is changing at a rapid pace. Almost every aspect of consumer life is conducted on smartphones and tablets. From healthcare to finance to real estate, creative videos built for YouTube are the foundation for effective digital advertising.

Creating the Right Narrative Arc for YouTube Advertisements

The story arcs that are ideal for television are not as suitable for mobile devices. Traditional TV ads follow a “bell curve” that builds to a climax and then leads to an offer and close-out with branding.

The global research organization Ipsos has partnered with YouTube Video to reframe the paradigm for digital advertising engagement. Abbreviated as “ABCD” (Attract, Brand, Connect, and Direct) the new video model uses tight frames, large type supers, contrast and brightness to convey immediacy and promote user engagement.

The Four Pillars of Creating Video for YouTube

Attraction involves using stunning imagery, tight framing and multiple shots to engage viewers with a memorable first impression.

For Branding, it is critical to introduce your brand within the first five seconds. If you use people in your video, it is also important to have them mention your brand to promote product recall. Throughout your video, you will want to incorporate product logos and graphics in a comfortable and seamless way.

The key to Connecting is to balance out emotional levers like humor with functional product attributes. How people respond to the benefits of a product, along with the emotions that product evokes is the key here.

Finally, the technical requirements for the Direct aspect of video production rely on offers and calls to action (CTAs) that have video or text prompts that facilitate responses. Creating a sense of scarcity or urgency to act on an offer is recommended to reinforce the CTA.

Whether you are a veteran of the digital advertising realm or just starting to consider creating a YouTube video, Pintaya can create a dynamic video for your organization.

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