Connect with High-Calibre Consumers

During the holidays, luxury brands emerge with ubiquitous advertising. In contrast to “regular” brands, luxury brands must create an allure that justifies the premium charged for their products.

Creating a luxury brand requires connecting with multiple aspects of a consumer’s psyche. Advertising must address an array of emotional and practical consumer sensibilities to create demand and engender long-term brand loyalty.

The foundation for a luxury brand

The paradox for luxury brands is that they must remain exclusive while growing at the same time. The Swiss watch company Rolex perhaps has managed this as well or better than any company. The foundation for its success is that it produces outstanding products that are continually refined.

Ensuring that you have a high-quality product is the foundation for success, but there are other crucial steps required to build a luxury brand.

Creating demand for a luxury brand

Apart from the products, creating an aura of desire is the most important thing for luxury purveyors. This aura must encompass several discreet consumer touchpoints: cultural, social and psychological. A luxury product assortment must be positioned within the right milieu for all of these consumer dimensions in order to be successful.

In order to activate consumer desire for each of these dimensions, there are important tools for creating the lexicon and iconography that defines ‘luxury‘. One consistently powerful tool is the evocation of fantasy: creating a storyline or paradigm that transports the reader/viewer into a different realm. Supporting the element of fantasy is the concept of distancing—providing a context, for example the realm of a yacht or private club–that denotes a realm apart from the norm.

Finally, the use of symbolism, often abstract and unrelated to the product itself, can be powerful if it is developed over time. In this sense, animals, shapes and other elements can be used to support brand identification and development.

Whether it’s high end aesthetics, retail or real-estate, Pintaya Marketing and Consulting has developed luxury brand marketing programs that use analytics and powerful content to drive results. We look forward to speaking with you about how we can make your brand stand out from the pack.