Google Ad Grant Requirements: A Checklist

The Google Ad Grant program is a powerful program for any organization that successfully applies and qualifies. It gives museums, cultural centers, health centers, educational institutes, NGO’s, charities and other organizations access to tens of thousands in free marketing dollars every month. Read more about it here.

A lot goes into qualifying for a Google Ad Grant. Once you’re qualified, managing a Google Ad Grant takes experience with Google’s tools and also awareness of the requirements and regulations.

PINTAYA has experience helping governmental organizations and non-profits both qualify for the Google Ad Grant program and executing a successful strategy with the $10,000 per month it gives them access to.

The Number One Google Ad Grant Requirement is TEN or more Promotable Landing Pages.

What’s a promotable page? We’ve itemized a checklist for your reference below.

  • The page focuses on a single primary topic
  • People might reasonably be searching for this topic
  • The page has a relevant call to action or next step for visitors to take.
  • The page includes sufficient content at least 300+ words. Here is a great example: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Foundation.
  • Updated event information on separate pages with CTAs.
  • Installation of Google Tag Manager to count important button clicks. We can do this for you if needed.
  • Secure website (HTTPS)
  • Updated, current, industry related blogs with searchable, broad, topics. Shoot for 700-1,500 words or more if possible. Here’s a great example: Kendal at Oberlin Blog.
  • Success/Thank you pages for all online forms or CTAs. These should be unique landing pages
  • that stay on your own URL.
  • Calls-to-Action you want to track which do not go off your website to a 3rd Party, like Event Bright or PayPal.
  • Any PDF content should be transferred to separate landing pages with CTAs. Google Policy does not allow Google Grant ads to direct to content on a PDF, downloaded or embedded.
  • Mobile friendly website and all pages load quickly, ideally 3 seconds or faster. Test it here: speed/insights/.
  • List your 501(c)(3) status and EIN number in your website’s footer
  • Frequently updated, attractive, functioning, modern, and easily navigated website.

Some additional questions to ask yourself about your non-profit website before launching your Google Ad Grant strategy:

  1. Is your brands color story interesting?
  2. Is your logo memorable?
  3. Are your font sizes, colors, and styles easy to read?
  4. Does the homepage draw people into your story in a meaningful way?
  5. Do you offer users a “free” incentive to encourage them to take action?
  6. Is the product or service your non-profit offers clearly articulated at every touch-point?
  7. How strong is the call to action above the fold on your website?

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