This post is about marketing and advertising Supply Chain Management Services. Services like Supply Chain Systems Consulting, Supply Chain Software Implementation.

The firms we work with build out and optimize: WMS software integration, Transportation Management Systems, Warehouse Labor Management and these days…you guessed it! A LOT of Warehouse Robotics, AI and Automation Systems.

Their services are expensive because their contracts can span years and involve a complete overhaul of antiquated and inefficient warehouse, labor and transportation supply chain processes. Their services are worth every penny because the systems they put in place often save their clients millions each year in wasted time and money.

What Works? Vendor at Conferences? White Papers? Digital Media?

But what are the best avenues for marketing a service of this caliber? We have been working with clients in this space since 2017 and have collected 6 years of data testing everything from participation in massive industry conferences like Promat, ICON, Modex and NRF Retail’s Big Show to millions spent on Display ads, Native ads, Search ads and other digital formats. We’ve put Microsoft, Google, Meta and every social network to the test and have developed a clear strategy for getting in front of “the right audiences” (executives at SMB’s with net profits of $500 million – $1 billion in annual sales) and incentivizing engagement.

The Reality is, Half a Million Dollars is a Drop in the Bucket to Companies of this Caliber

Our strategies and market research have helped our clients land contracts with Shopify, Crate & Barrel, Encore Wire and Clemens Food Group. Want to learn more? Get in touch.