PINTAYA can help you simplify digital advertising and marketing for supply chain software and systems procurement. Responding to new, COVID-induced demand, supply chain management (SCM) offerings have to be exceptionally nimble and responsive to changing customer needs.

Most SCM contracts have a relatively long sales cycle and procurement managers are under increasing pressure to select the best service offering at the best price. We have observed that having an effective, data-driven digital marketing plan can be a key point of differentiation for products. As SCM service offerings become more complex, digital content can simplify and target KPIs and other salient metrics for the procurement team.

SCM Contracts are “Whales” so Lead Generation Can Be Challenging

Compared to other business contracts, SCM deals fall into the high-value range of the spectrum. This puts an imperative on emphasizing comparative advantages: ease of use, customer fulfillment teams and other product benefits. The best way to do this is to provide digital touchpoints and ensure that digital content is relevant and frequently updated.

In order to ensure that SCM providers meet the expectations of the market, PINTAYA sets out a long-term account plan for each client. Short-term data and content are continually refined to make sure that account targets are met and that results are measurable. We understand the nuance of the market—prospective customers often research multiple providers and take their time to make follow-up inquiries.

Microsoft Ads Enhanced Industry Targeting

Microsoft Ads industry targeting allows for advertisers to select their customer targets based on industry, job function and other categories. This B2B targeting is a promising new development for SCM advertising. During the pandemic, we observed an enormous increase in search activity relating to the “transportation management” function for SCM. With a targeted B2B strategy, this potentially could have resulted in a dramatically higher customer conversion rate.

With years of experience in SCM and digital advertising, PINTAYA is poised to help you take the next step for developing your client base. Please contact us to learn more about  data- and results-focused approach to SCM.