Rich in Discretion: Here’s what high caliber patients are looking for from private healthcare providers

Quality of care, discretion, and a transformative experience – that is what prospective patients are looking for when they shop for Private Healthcare Providers.

What does the future look like for the private healthcare sector? The popularity of private healthcare is growing and with the rapid growth, it can be challenging to isolate what motivations are driving customers to take ownership of their health and find providers that truly meet their needs. With a decade of experience in the space, one thing is clear: patients want convenience, quality, and a transformative experience in their private healthcare providers.

What is Private Healthcare?

Private healthcare is any medical care that is not provided by the public healthcare sector. This means anything from in-patient care in a hospital to out-patient treatment from a clinic. Private healthcare is not a single system, but a collection of systems. In other words, different providers have different arrangements for the services they offer, the way they are delivered, and the payment they require.

How is the market changing?

There are two key areas where the market is changing. Firstly, the development of new technologies in healthcare is creating new opportunities for private healthcare providers. Secondly, the way in which patients choose to receive their healthcare and the volume of patients pursuing treatments in the private sector is growing rapidly. The 2019 pandemic heightened demand for private healthcare solutions and technology rose to the challenge quickly in an environment where many weren’t able to meet face-to-face for treatment.

Healthcare and technology: A match made in heaven

For the private healthcare industry, it all starts with the patient journey. Wherever you are in the world, you’ve probably got very different needs and expectations when it comes to healthcare. That’s why a lot of work has been done to break down the process of finding a provider, obtaining a quote, booking a session, and receiving services. One of the most significant developments in recent years is the rise of online private healthcare. The online space has given rise to new platforms and marketplaces that allow patients to easily find, compare and book a range of different providers, from dentists to dietitians and healthcare providers. This has made the entire process much more accessible than it used to be and has helped to democratize the sector.

Patients are becoming more discerning

There are two important things about the way in which consumers approach healthcare in the private sector. Firstly, there are more and more of them: according to McKinsey, the share of private healthcare spending in the overall health spending has increased from 15% in 2000 to almost 25% in 2016. Secondly, they are more discerning. The number of people who have private health insurance increased by 8 million between 2015 and 2016, which is the highest number ever recorded. This means that, if you’re running a private healthcare business, you have to be very careful. Patients are more demanding and want more than ever before to be treated as individuals. They want to be able to choose the provider and plan that best suit their needs and be able to switch easily if they are not satisfied with their experience.

Digital Transformation: B2B Integration and Data Security

As consumers become more demanding and healthcare providers become more digitized, it is important to look at how B2B integration is done. As the private healthcare sector grows larger and more competitive, businesses are increasingly looking to use digital tools to improve efficiency and customer service. This can be done through a combination of technologies, including a CRM or EHR, or through a dedicated B2B solution that allows for real-time data sharing. What this means for the healthcare industry is that businesses will become more efficient and patients will receive better service. This will be facilitated through improved B2B integration and data security that allows businesses to securely share and receive data from other providers. All of this will help the private healthcare sector to grow even further.

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