In Praise of Social Media Strategies that Elevate Your Business Above ‘the Madding Crowd’

Definition of madding: acting in a frenzied manner —usually used in the phrase madding crowd to denote especially the crowded world of human activity and strife: “he built his home far from the madding crowd.”

In the frenzy to get out ahead of the crowd, it is tempting to follow the herd. Social media engagement is full of trends, traps and treachery. Many people today spend as much time filtering their social media platforms as they do reading them or reviewing meaningful content. The reason for this is that there is so much meaningless and repetitive content that simply repeats or embellishes popular feeds—the digital equivalent of junk mail.

Inspiring, original content can cut through social media clutter

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Successful social media engagement demands purposeful, content-driven customer engagement. Simply trying to leverage trendy keywords and rehashing contemporary news feeds is not enough to bring in new customers or retain customer loyalty. A successful social media campaign provides original content that mines fresh territory presented on a consistent basis.

Pintaya focuses on social media strategies centered on engaging content that avoids “buzzworthy” topics, trends and passing events. Our core strategy involves researching and highlighting services and products to stimulate customer and reader interest. In order to accomplish this, we spend considerable time understanding the comparative benefits of each client’s market offerings, along with analyzing the competition.

With practice specialization in content creation, digital advertising and market research, Pintaya serves clients in a variety of industries throughout the US, Canada and Europe. To understand how we can create a compelling and original content-led marketing strategy for your company, please contact us.